Sunday, September 26, 2010

Working our way North

Day three, four,and five were easier then the first two. Mostly down hill and smooth for the first two. Pig farms, Sheep farms and both Olive and Grape Vines. Wide open sky and lots of sun. The weather is perfect for what we are doing now. Yesterday there was a hard start out of town, It took us 16 k to find the trail going by what the book had to say.
Deep sand made the riding imposable and the bike hard to push. we walked all told about 3 hours and rode the rest. The last 25 miles, not Kelometers,on the pavement.
This part of Spain is quite beautiful. Wide open and long straight stetchs that you can see for miles.
We always have enough time to compleat the ride in the daylight and if things get tough we hop on the road, Route N630.

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  1. Hi there to you both. It was lovely to meet you the other day, despite our meeting being brief. I wish you well on your Camino, and hope to see and hear more of your travels soon.
    Peaceful Warrior