Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Passport and the Stamps

For years travelers on the road to Santiago were recognized as "Pilgrims" with their "Passports" This little card showed the Hostel where they would be taken in over night and given food to continue was used to show where one had been and that in fact they were on the road to the shrine of St James and not just looking for a free handout.
The tradition has lasted and if willing, one can obtain a Passport at the start and find places along the way that has the "Stamp."
Barbara took it upon herself to diligently seek out all the spots and score at each spot we traveled through.
Some of the stamps are just a simple calling card of the restaurant or hotel, but others are quite beautiful. Each stamp is different and each for free as long as you can find them. Hand written at the bottom of the stamp is the date showing when you had visited. Finding the stamps is not easy!

At the end of the journey, Travelers go to the "Pilgrim Office" and present there Passports to receive a certificate showing that they had at least covered 100 Kilometers of the trip. You are asked if you walked the route of traveled by Bicycle.

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