Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lace in the Sky

The cathedral of Sevilla with all its spires looks like lace in the sky. We are only a couple of blocks from the heart of Spain´s 4th largest city on a pedestrian street. We´ve spent most our time around this catedral either walking around trying to find the entrance for the special, special office to get the "sello", our stamp for our pilgrim´s passport, or sitting drinking Spanish beer and making up stories about the passer-bys.
Our trip is booked through Follow the Camino, an Irish outfit, and we are staying in not our usual cheap as we could get hotel, they have set us us in a perfect location in a lovely small hotel, we are enjoying it all.
Our search yesterday for our passports, the documents to verify at the end of our trip in Santiago de Compostella that we did do the trip, are hard to come by in Sevilla. We have yet to see a pilgrim. Getting the passport or the sellos, or stamps in the passport that we get along the way, is like trying to find the holy grail. We had to go to 3 different places yesterday along with fighting the monsters of taffic, language, no street signs, sounds like Boston, and cultural differences. At the end I told Scott that for our reward I wanted beer and jambon serrano and darn if we didn´t find the perfect place for that, paradise at the end of the adventure.
So the adventures of Scottie and Barbie continue with the best part being that we are together finding our way in a new place and with each other.

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