Wednesday, September 29, 2010

3000 Feet Up

This is not easy.

You think,, Barb and Scott on vacation in Spain. Oh Boy! I wish I was them!

It comes across your mind a couple of times a day, What are we doing this for?"

The road is not rideable. The coffee sucks. The flies are ever present. (There is one crawlimg on my leg as I write),, (actually 2)

The conditions of the road surface constantly change. Average speed over the whole day is around 8 mph. Deep sand brings the bike to a stop. Tempers flare, Things get said,, then it changes to complete heaven. A view you could never imagine.

You ride along and flies land on your nose. You learn in short order how to blow in the direction to make it go away. Sometimes it gets launched with your puff and it feels good. But it comes back. They always do. When you say "Shoe!" They look at you funny sitting on your glasses and then hop back on your nose.

Your eyes burn from the sweat, Your feet burn from the heat and your butt burns from the seat. By the time you arive at the hotel, your done.

We came across a stretch of road today that someone, who I'm sure, had never walked or rode the route dumped gravel. It went on for about 3 miles. We rode as far as we could, but fearing shot gun type road rash, we pushed the bike. By the way, Pushing the bike is different then walking the bike. We figure the tandem when we start the day with the 5 liters of water, which we finish by the end of our day, weighs around 100 lbs
I knew the gravel would in fact stop because of the cost. Thank goodness.

Yesterday afternoon I walked around town with my Palm Pilot looking for Wi-fi. No luck.
The place we stayed was weird. Can you imagine a town that's its OK to walk Down Town in your bath robe? True.
Give the town the history and heritage os "Roman Baths" and watch out! All of a sudden, I guess someone does it first and then its not right unless you do too.
Here are some photos of the last 3 days, click on the photos to make them larger-


  1. Hello! I miss you guys!

  2. You said that it was going to be a tough ride, yikes. Danni and I were just talking earlier today when we were riding our recumbents how much we'd love to be in Spain! But after reading today's blog, not so sure. Did you play Spanish foosball? S

  3. I hope things get easier the further North you travel. I'll be sending happy thoughts and wishes for smooth, easily pedaled-on surfaces. Missing you!!