Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Our Last day in Seville

What a wonderful city, It takes a little time to have it sink in and just when it does, its time to leave! Flamingo Dancing in a small club and outdoor cafes that are quiet!
Last night as we sat in a cafe, the later it got the busier it got, By midnight the streets will filled with young and old alike, truly a city that doesnt sleep, during the night, that is!
Today is the first day of our ride. The weather is 86 and partly cloudy. The sun dosent rise till around 8;30 here making early starts really civilized!
The bike went together in about an hour and is ready to ride. Three GPSs charged and ready to guide our way along the Camino, an Electric Star of sorts to lead us to Santigio de Compestella.

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