Thursday, September 30, 2010

Salamanca Spain Calling.

Say it, Sal a Monk a. That's Salamanca.

We are about one half way through our trip. Today's ride was very short and mostly down hill. Dirt path and dirt road. Fast speeds and cool breeze. Warm sun after thick fog.
Last night was wonderful. The place we stayed was so comfortable that we did not want to leave. Ham and eggs for breakfast and Coffee that was actually good!
The Women running the Hotel was so sweet. Hugs and kiss, (French Style, and that's not American French style girls!) There was a tear in all of our eyes when it came time to go.
First place that the Beers were huge! I will miss that for sure.

So were here in Sal a Monk a, Say it. Big city and incredible views with every turn of the head.
We will be here for the next two days. Good thing too, rain forcasted for tomorrow.

See the photos; and click on for larger views, The purple flowers are Saffron.

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