Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Days Later

Leaving Zamora, the weather was dry. Shortly after we started riding it began pouring with a 30 mph wind, Tail wind thank goodness, but when we felt a rear flat, things became a little different.
Hard driving rain at your back while on the bike is hard driving rain never the less, but when you stop and try to do anything, things get tough.
I headed down the road on the flat while Barb walked. I found a cement piling to a power line tower to use as a work bench and something to lean the bike against.
Back on the road in short order. The flat turned out to be a rim pinch because the rocky road and the 22 mph we were traveling at with the super strong tail wind.
We found a Bar / Restaurant for a little bite and warm up.
Our weather has changed from Hot, Hot, to Cold, Cold. Not bad, and to be expected.
Our stay last night was weird. Greeted by a gal that looked like she had been punched in the mouth, (missing teeth only on the right side of her mouth) She looked at barbs reservation for our stay and said, "This doesn't mean anything!"
A nice fellow took over soon after and had us heading to the room.
There was Foosball in the bar, but too many people to play it. We also would be standing in front of the TV where real "Football" was being played and watched by the whole room.
We walked around town in the wind blown rain and after 6 different bars we found a quiet spot. Beers and a sit down to read was the best thing we could think of doing.
It got to be around 3:00 and thought we might have a bag of chips. I think there was a slight misunderstanding, because the bar owner after 45 minutes brought us a pile of french Fry's and about 5 pounds of meat-. Some on skewers and some cut in small pieces and on a plate. All very yummy and never a question of goodness.
We left the bar around 6:00 and headed around the corner to our hotel.
Dinner was at 8:30 so we had some time for a nap.
I was woken by Barb saying, Scott, I'm going down now. OK, Lets eat! Again!

Dinner was OK, Pialia and Chicken and Fry's. The Spanish don't seem to think oddly about serving rice with Fry's, god bless them! In Oil too boot!

We woke this morning to clear sky. We were told the the weather was rain for the day, but not yet.
What we never figured was sticky clay. So sticky the wheels would not turn in the frame. I had 5¨ of clay stuck to my shoes with a grass garnish. Nice! Something Shimano never figured with the design of there pedals.
The clay was so sticky it picked up rocks. YES its true, rocks. We later saw homes made of the same material and laughed when we realized it was true.
The good part of the story is that we are one of the nicest places we have ever been too. Very homey and fun. More on this later with photos and more about today and a short on the ¨Chicken King¨ Funny.

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